EXONDA: It depends on the right care

Source: BbQ - BarbersQuarterly Magazine Edtition 01/2018

In the last issue we reported about how, with the right care, you can positively influence the battery life of your battery-operated clippers. The cleaning and maintenance of the blade head play an important role, regardless of whether it is cable or battery-powered clipper: regular cleaning and maintenance increase, in both cases, the durability and functionality of the appliance. At the same time, an even more important aspect is accounted for: hygiene. A topic which, especially on a professional level, should not be ignored.

But how to clean and take care of the blade head properly? Very simply: best daily, in several steps and as indicated in the corresponding manual. In general, cleaning and maintenance of blade heads are always carried out according to the same principle: as a first step, hair residue should be removed with the help of a cleaning brush. A lot of models and manufacturers offer the possibility to detach the blade head easily by either simply snapping off or with the help of an Allen key of matching size. This enables to remove also the hair residue from the inside of the device. If and how the blade head can be removed for maintenance, is indicated in the manual of your appliance in question. As a 2nd step, teething and contact areas of the blade head have to be oiled drop by drop. Information on which oil is suitable for this purpose can be found in the corresponding operator information; usually the manufacturer adds a small bottle of the recommended oil to the packaging of the appliance. Next to the use of original oil, EXONDA has gained positive experience in using Clippercide spray for its clippers and trimmers that can be put to good use on the blade head according to manufacturer specification after each customer treatment. Should there be any doubt which product can be used for the maintenance of the item the aftersales service of the respective manufacturer will surely be pleased to give you advice.

An always well-maintained blade head has a positive effect on the performance of the whole appliance. Therefore, it is worthwhile in any case to daily take the time for it.